Messages from the Pastor

I attended a wonderful workshop at the University of Notre Dame for pastors with schools. It was an excellent experience and gave me great hope for the future of Catholic education. There were almost 200 priests from all over the country with diverse experiences and situations.

The one common refrain is that Catholic Education continues to educate children who will go on to be the leaders of tomorrow. Just look at the numbers of people who are in government, business and human services who were educated in Catholic schools.

Not so many years ago Catholics arrived in the United States in the great wave of immigrants from Europe. They arrived with little more than their faith and the strong desire to educate their children in Catholic schools. In a few short years they went from being the newly arrived to being the best and brightest. Why? Because of our well-balanced educational system that values the whole person; body, mind and soul. We welcome you to visit us and learn more on how you can enroll your child at St. Rita Catholic School!

Fr. Joe