Religious Education

Religious education at St. Rita Catholic School begins as soon as a student enters our school. In every grade, including Pre-K, we teach our children religious principles and those teachings expand and advance as the students mature. Whether it’s learning about prayer, preparing for the Sacraments, or having a special classroom visit from our pastor, Fr. Joe Rankin, we strive to incorporate religious teachings throughout our curriculum.

From kindergarten through eighth grade, students participate in religion class four days a week, which covers the teachings of the church as well as Christian behaviors and attitudes. Every day begins and ends with a school-wide prayer. Children begin learning The Lord’s Prayer, Hail Mary, and Blessing before Meals in kindergarten.

Kindergarteners begin attending school Masses in October, while students in grades 1st-8th attend Mass every Friday of the school year. Parents and grandparents are always welcome to attend mass with the school.

Students are also given the opportunity at school Masses to serve the Church through planning and liturgical ministries. Each class shares the responsibility of planning weekly Mass (theme, readings, songs, etc.) and students are also given the opportunity to serve as lectors, gift bearers, servers, or choir members.

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